Choosing between private and public school can be a bit of a tough choice as there are so many factors to be considered. Many people have very controversial opinions regarding both private and public school and choosing one for your child can be a bit of a challenge. The best way to decide on the two, aside from getting the opinions of parents whose children already attend school is to actually talk to a consultant or an education advisor with respect to each school you are considering. You should remember that the opinions of the parents who have children attending either private or public school will most likely be biased towards the schools that their children attend, this is natural. To get an unbiased opinion and to make your own opinion on which school best suits your child, you will need to do your own set of research. There are no short cuts through this process and the sooner you start the better. The whole process is quite time consuming and since your child will need to follow the right path right from the start. This decision is quite significant, here are a few factors to consider when making this decision for your child:

Costs Involved In Both Private And Public School

The costs for public school and private school are quite significantly different. Private schools are funded almost entirely by the school fees paid by the students, therefore their costs tend to be higher than public school. Public schools are generally funded by the government are therefore the costs for the students are far less when compared to private schools. The other thing is that the facilities in the two types of schools differ. For instance, private primary schools Pakenham would offer a much greater amount of facilities compared to a public primary school. Again, this distinction is strictly due to the difference in the school fees that the students pay. Taking this into consideration, and depending on what you can afford for your child, you should use this factor as a major indicator of what type of school you would want your child to attend.

Teaching Methods And Courses Offered At Each School

Another major factor to consider is the way the teaching methods and the amount of individual attention that each child gets in private schools versus public schools. This is because the ratio of teacher to student varies in public school and private schools. Private schools usually tend to have smaller classes with a less number of children as opposed to public schools that have a much larger number of students in each class, when this happens,

the attention that each child gets is much lower compared to private schools. Private schools also have a much larger diversity of courses that they teach the students as opposed to public schools. One of the main reasons for this is because the course content in public schools is determined by the government and there is very little flexibility in changing that, where as in private schools, they are free to alter their course content as they please.

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